Welcome to Procrasta-Quilter

Welcome to my page This page  will develop into a blog . The intent is to inspire myself to move forward and  finish the many out standing items on my list. By keeping track and sharing my struggles and accomplishments I  hope to motivate myself and others  with humor and common sense.


Knowing that great things will happen in 2017 lets begin

I will be preparing a list of the items I have that are in need of finishing You can call them

W.I.P –  works in Progress

U.F.O – unfinished fabric object

WWIT – What was I thinking ?

PIGS – Projects in Grocery Sacks.

I am sure there are other terms too. But what they really are , are items that deserve to be finished and loved

Crazy Daisy Pattern

This is the very first pattern ever published so it holds as special place in my heart. It is done  using the reverse applique technique.